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Jan 27, 2015

Infographic: 5 Steps for Giving Employee Recognition that Motivates and Inspires

​It’s no secret that recognition is at the core of an engaged team, but you’ve got to get it just right for it to be effective. Luckily for you, recognition is what we do best! We’ve put together an infographic that will help you recognize right each and every time. Enjoy!

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Don’t forget to download the infographic and share our recognition secrets!

Heather Mounsey

Heather Mounsey is a Senior Writing and Marketing Strategist at Kudos who lives to tell stories and chase down the next ‘big’ idea. She’s spent over a decade in the field of advertising and marketing, and fell in love with the industry way back in her early days working the Montreal radio scene. When she isn’t typing her heart out for Kudos, she’s writing comic books, blogging about her aquaponics start up, moonlighting as a burpee lovin’ personal trainer and gardening like a champion.

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