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Feb 24, 2015

6 Ways Kudos Can Make Employee Appreciation Day Memorable

​Since 1995, the first Friday in March has been dedicated to Employee Appreciation Day, and this year it falls on March 6. If you’re using Kudos, you know that effective employee recognition is a 365 practice, which is all the more reason to make a splash! When recognition already plays a big part in your culture on a daily basis, going over and above on Employee Appreciation Day shows your organization’s depth of commitment. ​Excited to celebrate? Let’s get this employee appreciation party started!

We’ve got 6 ideas for how you can use Kudos to enhance your festivities:

  1. If you’re hosting an engagement event, create a buzz and share event details with a Custom Page. Add exciting pictures, fun videos and encourage your team to request their favorite treat and RSVP in the page’s comment section.
  2. Use the Custom Rewards feature to put up a ‘Free One Day Reward’ for your team. You can make the reward as simple as a cup of coffee, company swag or a homemade cupcake. If you really want to go big, use it to reward everyone with a bonus half day off in March.
  3. Send each team member a “Thank You!” or an Award with either a custom Sticker or Badge made just for Employee Appreciation Day.
  4. Use the Image Widget to debut a ‘What We Love About Our Team’ poster series, or upload images of the day’s Employee Appreciation team building event.
  5. Post a video message from your CEO or President in the Custom HTML widget that personally thanks the team for creating such a great culture.
  6. At the end of the day, it’s meaningful, heartfelt recognition that inspires, engages and motivates. This is what Kudos does best! So get personal. Have managers send a private feedback message to each team member letting them know a unique reason why their contributions are so valued.

If you’ve got other ideas for how to use Kudos for an extra special Employee Appreciation Day, leave a comment. We love hearing about the creative ways people around the world use Kudos to show their team that employee recognition matters.

Heather Mounsey

Heather Mounsey is the Creative Director at Kudos and lives to tell stories and chase down the next ‘big’ idea. She’s spent over a decade in the field of advertising and marketing, and fell in love with the industry way back in her early days working the Montreal radio scene. When she isn’t typing her heart out for Kudos, she’s writing comic books, blogging about her aquaponics start up, moonlighting as a burpee lovin’ personal trainer and gardening like a champion.

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