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Aug 27, 2014

Lights, Camera, ALS #IceBucketChallenge!

​The #IceBucketChallenge is an amazing phenomenon that all of us at Kudos have been marveling at. Earlier this week our pals over at Vovia Marketing nominated us to take the challenge via Twitter, and we got on it right away!

In a matter of hours we had the Kudos Social Recognition Super Team assembled and ready to take it on the rocks. It turned out to be a fantastic team-building event at the office, and everyone came together to help. Huge Kudos to our entire team for being so supportive and for taking the time out their days to cheer on the executive team as they took the plunge!

Check out our video:

We nominated Bamboo HR, Achievers and Dissolve to take the challenge too, and are eager to see how their #IceBucketChallenge turns out!

We love seeing charities like ALS Canada get so much great exposure and love from people around the world, and Kudos was very happy to make a donation on behalf of every employee. There are countless charities around the world making a difference, and Kudos has big plans to give back. Have you or your organization participated? Share your videos with us!

Heather Mounsey

Heather Mounsey is a Senior Writing and Marketing Strategist at Kudos who lives to tell stories and chase down the next ‘big’ idea. She’s spent over a decade in the field of advertising and marketing, and fell in love with the industry way back in her early days working the Montreal radio scene. When she isn’t typing her heart out for Kudos, she’s writing comic books, blogging about her aquaponics start up, moonlighting as a burpee lovin’ personal trainer and gardening like a champion.

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